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We are pleased to announce the nominations for the 2018-2019 Rancho PTA Board.  This slate was presented at the slate for discussion and approval at the PTA General Association meeting on March 15. 

Contact us if you are interested in volunteering/helping with PTA events.

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Welcome! from the Rancho PTA
The 2017-2018 PTA board members have been hard at work planning all kinds of great things for the new school year.

What makes Rancho so special?
We have the best teachers, leadership, staff and families.  This supportive, yet challenging environment produces students who thrive in high school.  

How can we make it EVEN BETTER?
Support the PTA's $150 membership campaign and annual fund drive. Instead of asking for donations multiple times throughout the year, we are requesting a single donation now for 2017-2018.  Your $150 donation will make it possible for the PTA to provide each student with an outstanding middle school experience.  We suggest $150, but any amount is appreciated (minimum $20 is required to be a PTA member).  

Help us reach our 100% participation goal!  It's easy - click on the donation button below and contribute online today.  Or pay by check using the form below. 

Jun 1, Fri@6-8:30pm - 8th grade Promotion Dance in the MPR.  8th graders celebrate at this special evening event (dinner provided).  There is no cost to attend.   

Jun 7, Thurs - Last day of school for 7th graders. 


Jun 8, Fri@10:30-11:30am - 8th grade Promotion ceremony on the quad.  Families are invited to attend.  Students report to school at 9:30am.  There is no bus service on this day. 

Rancho San Joaquin Middle School PTA