​​We would like to express our thanks to all parents and associates who partner with us in providing the best educational experience to children at Rancho San Joaquin Middle School. Here is a short video that we hope will inspire more to step forward and join hands with us. 

 President - Yvonne Mansouri

Co-President/Parliamentarian -Tracy Hertstein Executive VP Membership - Cari Malek

Hospitality  - Elizabeth Rho

Communications - Madhu Kotha

Treasurer - Emilie Albert

Auditor- Kristina Lee

Historian - Nicole Breen

IPSF Ambassador - Lauren Luhrs

Recording Secretary - Jori Mendivil

Reflections - Candace Novel

Advocacy - Bianca Nakasone

Any feedback and/or  questions, please 

Contact us  we'd love to hear from you.

The PTA's Mission

Serving our extraordinary community

Programs that the PTA will fund in 2019-2020

​​(relies on parent donations)

 * MORE Chromebooks & mobile stations 

 * Library enhancement

 * Science, technology and art education materials 

 * Curriculum support
 * PE equipment
 * Expert speakers

 * Earthquake emergency supplies

 * Breakfasts and luncheons

 * Kindness activities
 * Parent education
 * Career education

 * Promotion celebrations

 * One year parent membership

​​The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is committed to being strong advocates for the education and well being of every child by fostering community relationships through collaborative efforts between parents, teachers and administration. 

2019-2020 Executive Board